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Resolution Revelations

No matter who you are, what you do, or where you’re from, we all seem to start each year with one or more resolutions: promises to ourselves to do or not do something (as defined by the Cambridge English Dictionary). Setting realistic goals at the start of every year can be a fun and fascinating way to improve our lives, try new things, and track our personal growth. 

Whether you’re cutting out a bad habit or adding in a positive one, Easterseals Bay Area supports you and your goals! In fact, we asked our staff to share their top resolutions with us to show how we, as a team, plan to make 2019 a stellar year. 

If you’re looking for inspiration (or some good resolutions to include in your own yearlong journey), take a peek at what some of our staff members are committing to in 2019.

"Use my time more wisely." - Kat, Program Supervisor

Being mindful of our time and making sure we use it well is a great goal to strive for, especially for those of us who may procrastinate or have busy schedules. However we spend our time, we can all benefit from being more conscientious about it.

"Stay positive and keep challenging myself." - Donna, Administrative Coordinator

A positive frame of mind is always a good idea and can be achieved by challenging ourselves! Overcoming a tough obstacle, trying out a new skill, or getting closer to a personal goal can give us a great perspective on what it means to live our own, individual best lives.

"Take better care of myself by eating well, drinking more water, getting daily exercise and going to bed by 10pm (no phone!)." - Janelle, Director of Marcom Operations

All of us are unique, so taking better care of ourselves shouldn’t have a “one size fits all” approach. Rather, it should be tailored to what we need, what we can do and what we enjoy.

This upcoming year has a lot in store for us all. Let’s embrace the limitless growth, opportunities, and possibilities 2019 will bring⁠—together.

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