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Andrea Pettiford

Chief Executive Officer

As CEO of Easterseals Hawaii, Andrea focuses on ensuring the organization remains aligned with and carries out its purpose. Partnering with the Easterseals Hawaii Board of Directors and the staff, Andrea leads strategic and operational efforts to strengthen and expand the organization’s reach.

Andrea has spent the bulk of her professional life in mission-driven nonprofit organizations with a focus on operations management and technology. She started her career at Planned Parenthood of the Pacific Southwest as a volunteer, working her way up through the organization to oversee operations and service delivery for patients in Central San Diego. In her subsequent role as Product Manager, she was responsible for creation and delivery of electronic health record software used by Planned Parenthood affiliates across the country.

Subsequently, Andrea held a leadership role in a healthcare management consulting firm, where she helped clients to develop and implement technology-related strategic plans. Since joining in 2020, she has served as a project manager and the VP of Easterseals Operations, where she led a significant and ongoing effort to build self-sustaining programs that make clinical services better and promote an engaged culture of excellence and inclusion.

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